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Wallet Activity with Filtering

The 'Wallet Activity' tab shows the full Bidding, Listing, Minting, Purchase, Sale, and Transaction history of a wallet.
Good to Know: Wallets using automated bidding/listing bots will have slower than usual load times due to the large number of rows. If the activity rows are not loading, click 'Filters', select the 'Transaction Type' filter, and disable 'Bids' and 'Listings'.
Unique to Compass: Powerful filtering capabilities and the wide range of activity types cataloged let you examine a wallet’s trading history for very specific scenarios.
With bids, you can see the marketplace where the bid was placed. You can also see the item that the bid was placed on:
  • Collection bids show the collection name in the 'Item' column
  • Trait bids show a trait in the 'Item' column
  • Token bids show a token with the #tokenID in the 'Token' column
In the case of bids/listings/sales, you can see the difference between the bid/listing/sale and the collection floor at the time of the bid.
Tip: Filtering for a specific token ID lets you track the token’s journey with the wallet, including how the wallet ramped up their bids for the token, purchased it, transferred it between their wallets (if you are looking at a wallet group), listed and re-listed lower, and finally sold.
🤖 Automate with Wallet groups: You can automatically copy trade wallet groups with Compass Automations.