Automating with wallets

If you want to automate things like bidding, listing and sniping you have two options for wallets: you can use one of your existing wallets with remote signing, or create a wallet within compass and fund it with ETH/WETH.

Remote signing

Benefit: Trustless, your Private Keys never leave your browser.

Drawback: You need to have a browser open to sign transactions in the background.

How to add a remote signing wallet

  1. Go to Wallets

  2. Click on Import

Compass-created wallet

Benefit: Automations keep running even if you have your computer switched off.

Drawback: You need to fund the wallet with ETH/WETH to run Automations from it.

How to create a Compass wallet

  1. Go to Wallets

  2. Click on Create

  3. You can export the private key by clicking the three dots next to the wallet (...)

  4. Import your wallet to MetaMask or any other wallet manager

  5. Transfer some ETH, WETH to your wallet depending on what you want to do with it.

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