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Guide to the Compass Market Pulse

The Market Pulse page in Compass provides an overview of the NFT market on Ethereum. It presents data across several metrics, giving you a comprehensive picture of overall market trends.

NFT Trading Volume Chart

This chart displays the NFT trading volume across the three major marketplaces within a specific timeframe. Use this chart to track the volume of NFTs traded and to see trends in buying and selling activity over time.

Compass Blue Chips Index

The Compass Blue Chips Index tracks the floor price of the top five collections, both in USD and Ethereum (ETH). This index gives a sense of the minimum cost for buying into the leading NFT collections.

Note: The floor price refers to the lowest price at which an NFT is available for purchase within a particular collection.

New and Returning NFT Buyers Chart

This chart visualises the adoption waves of NFTs over time. It's an excellent way to gauge interest in NFTs and track changes in buyer inflows.

Unique Buyers and Sellers

This metric shows the number of unique buyers and sellers in the NFT market. More buyers generally imply an upwards pressure on prices, while more sellers could indicate a downward trend.

Total Ethereum Spent on Mints and Associated Gas Fees

This data provides insights into the total amount of Ethereum spent on minting NFTs, as well as the associated gas fees. New projects often raise a significant amount of Ethereum, indicating investor interest in these new ventures.

Tip: "Minting" refers to the process of creating a new NFT on the blockchain.

Number of Collections Released

This chart represents the number of collections released each day. The more collections that come out, the more diluted the market might become. Monitor this to track the saturation of the NFT market.

With the Market Pulse page in Compass, you can easily stay updated on NFT market trends, helping you make informed decisions about your NFT investments.

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