The telegram Trigger lets you run Automations by sending a message to the @compass_nft_alert_bot on the Telegram chat app.

How to Use

Step 1: Send the /start command to @compass_nft_alert_bot.

Step 2: Input your Telegram ID in the designated field.

Once your chat ID is set up, sending any message to the Telegram bot will trigger the specified automation.

If you want to trigger the automation with a particular command, send a message to the bot starting with a /. This forward slash will parse out the message as a command. The command will then be passed on to the automation as {{ automationInputs.command }}.

To continue only if {{ automationInputs.command }} matches your preferred word, add the condition: Only continue if {{ automationInputs.command }} equals [your desired word].

Use Cases

  • Initiate a WETH/ETH Swap by starting/stopping bidding via a Telegram message.

  • Transfer all your tokens to your Vault in case of an emergency.

  • Cancel all your listings and offers on marketplaces urgently.

  • Request Wallet/Collection/market reports on-demand via messages.

  • Accept the top offers on your NFTs with a single Telegram message.

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