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Profit leaderboard

Compass Profit Leaderboard Tutorial
The Wallet Profit Leaderboard in Compass provide a comprehensive overview of the most profitable NFT traders on ethereum. These leaderboards can assist you in identifying successful traders whose strategies you might want to emulate.

Understanding the Wallet Profit Leaderboards

The Profit leaderboard can be accessed under Pulse>Profit Leaderboard.
On the Profit Leaderboard page, you will see a list of wallets that have made the most profits within a selected period, e.g., the last seven days.
Each row in the leaderboard corresponds to a single wallet and provides the following data:
  • Wallet: This is the ens, nickname or address of the wallet.
  • Total Profit: The net profit this wallet has earned in the specified period. The percentage of winning flips is displayed below.
  • Purchases: The total number of tokens and collections this wallet has flipped. The colored bar displays an overal strategy profile for the wallet. For example a mostly dark green bar means the wallet is typically acquiring tokens through bids. Hover over the bar to see more.
  • Avg Purchased For: The average price at which tokens were purchased by this wallet in the selected period.
  • Avg Profit: The average profit per flip that the wallet has made in the period
  • Total Spent: The total amount spent by the wallet on purchasing and minting tokens during the period.
  • Total Gas Paid: The total amount of gas fees paid by the wallet during the period.
Note: A profitable or winning "flip" refers to the process of buying an NFT at a lower price and selling it at a higher price for a profit.

Leveraging Filters for Better Insights

The power of the Wallet Profit Leaderboards lies in its filtering capabilities. You can use preset filters to narrow down the traders any way you like. 

 We recommend starting out with these three main categories, click on the links and bookmark them:
  1. 1.
    Best Bidders: Traders who are primarily placing bids and making a substantial profit.
  2. 2.
    Best Minters: Traders who consistently mint new tokens across multiple collections.
  3. 3.
    Best Flippers: Traders who buy tokens at a low price and sell them at a higher price for a profit.
Tip: The preset filters for these categories can be bookmarked for easy access. However, you can fine-tune these dashboards to create your own custom filters that best suit your needs.
Tip: You can use the period selector to choose the timeframe for which you want to view the data.

Using Leaderboards for Strategic Insights

Beyond identifying profitable traders, the leaderboards can also give you insights into your competition. If you're employing a specific strategy (like bidding or minting), you can find other traders who are using the same strategies and compare their success with yours. This can help you refine your own approach and boost your profitability.
Finally, once you've identified a successful trader, you can delve into their strategy by exploring their wallet analytics dashboard.
Wallet overview
With the Wallet Profit Leaderboards, you gain valuable insights into the trading strategies that work in the NFT market, helping you make more informed decisions and improving your trading style.