The Repeat trigger is one of the most used triggers, as it offers a wide range of use cases. The trigger has two inputs: repeat period and max repetitions.

It will trigger the automation once at the beginning of each repeat period. If there is no max repetition given it will trigger over and over again indefinitely. With a max repetitions specified, it will turn off after the max repetition is reached.

Tip: The max repetitions counts the total number of runs since the automation was created.

Please note that there isn't a lower limit on the repeat period in automations. However, it's important to consider that the actions following the repeat trigger need a certain fraction of a second to execute.

If the repeat timer is set faster than the time required to execute all the actions in the automation, this will cause a queue of automation runs to form. This is because Compass does not support parallel runs of a single automation.

Hence, when setting the repeat timer, ensure it is not faster than the total execution time of the actions in your automation. This will prevent the formation of an automation run queue and ensure smooth operation.

Example use cases:

Combined with the right Actions, the repeat trigger is used to automatically list tokens at the floor price, place repeated bids, monitor floor price movements, set up one-time automated actions, and much more.

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