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Set Up Your First Listing Alert

Get Notified if Someone Lists a Specific Trait
This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a simple Listing Alert with Compass Automations.
Note: You can use the Listing Alert Automation set up in this walkthrough with one click from the automation marketplace.

Step 1: Create an Automation

Go to Automations and click Create Automation.

Step 2: Name Your Automation

Name your automation. For this guide, we'll name it Doodles Rainbow Head Listing Alert.

Step 3: Select the Trigger

Select the Token Listed Trigger. This Trigger initiates the automation when a Token is Listed on any marketplace.

Step 4: Add Collection Filter

Click Add Filter and select the Collection filter. This filter ensures the Automation only triggers when a Doodle gets listed.

Step 5: Select the Collection

Search for the Doodles collection and select it. Now, the Automation will only trigger if a Listing happens for Doodles.

Step 6: Choose the Token Traits Filter

Choose the Token Traits filter.

Step 7: Specify Trait Type and Value

Pick the collection again, and the Trait type and value you want to trigger for. Now you have the Trigger set. It will only trigger if a Doodle with a Rainbow Head is listed.

Step 8: Pick the Notify Channels Action

Select the Notify Channels Action. This Action sends a message to a channel of your choice. Most people use Discord and Telegram.

Step 9: Create Notification Text

Create the text for the notification. This text will be received as a message on your device. Sample text:
 🏷️ New Listing Collection: Listing Price: Ξ Collection Floor: Ξ

Step 10: Select the Data to Input

Click the {} button to select the data to input, also known as variables. This includes the Collection Name, Collection Listed Floor, and “Value” for the Listing Price.
For the OpenSea Link, note that the link format is The collection address and the token id change, but the rest of the link stays the same. Pick the Collection address and the token id and place them in the right place, separated by a /.

Step 12: Set Notification Channel

Set the channel where you want to receive your Listing alerts. If you've already added a channel, select it from your list of channels. If not, learn how to add one here.

Step 13: Create the Automation

Click Create.

Step 14: Enable the Automation

Click Enable Automation in the top-right corner.

Step 15: Automation is Live!

Your automation is now live! You'll receive alerts on your chosen chat app. You can also track any runs of this automation by going to the History. Learn more about the automation run history here.