🎨Collection Tokens

The Collection Tokens tab in Compass allows you to browse and filter tokens within a collection using and/or filtering logic. The grid view showcases the NFTs in a collection for easy access and comparison.

Clicking on an NFT will bring up the Token window, providing more information and options for the selected token. You can learn more about the Token window here.


Rarities are calculated based on the traits of each token within a collection. You can learn more about how rarities are calculated [here: [Link]].

To refresh the reveal status of tokens that might still be showing as unrevealed, simply click the β€œRefresh Items” button on the top right.


With Compass' complex filtering logic options, you can easily create custom filters to narrow down your search and find tokens that meet specific criteria.

Tip: To search for a specific token, simply filter for its token number.

Tip: To browse tokens marked as stolen on OpenSea (suspicious tokens), enable the "Flagged Tokens" filter.

Tip: To see trait floors, enable the Trait filter and sort by Price ascending.

Using and/or filters:

To use and/or filters, first enable the filters you want to apply and choose whether you want to combine them with an "and" or "or" logic.


You can sort the tokens in various ways, such as by rarity, price, or recent activity.


Sweeping in Compass allow you to efficiently buy multiple tokens from the floor.

Tip: Click on the three dots next to a token to see its external marketplace links.

Tip: To save time when looking up tokens, you can directly enter a token into the main search bar on the top of the page, e.g. Doodles 4121.

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