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Collection Top Holders

Guide to the Collection Top Holders page on Compass
Collection Top Holders
The Holders tab in Compass provides insights into how NFTs from a specific collection are distributed among different wallets. This guide will explain how to access and interpret this data.

Accessing the Holders tab

To get to this, click Collections, then choose the collection you're interested in. To view the holder's analytics, simply click Holders. If the collection is not immediately visible, you can use the search function.

Understanding the Holders tab

Once in the Holder's Analytics section, you'll see several pieces of information:
  • Unique Wallets: The number of distinct wallets holding tokens from the collection.
  • Bluechip Holders: The percentage of holders also holding a token from a bluechip collection. Bluechip collections are: Doodles, Clone X, Azuki, BAYC, MAYC, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, CyberBrokers, World of Women, VeeFriends, CrypToadz, Meebits, Moonbirds, Neo Tokyo Citizens, Cyberkongz.
  • Wallets Holding Single Item: The proportion of wallets holding just one item from the collection.
  • Average balance per wallet: The average number of NFTs held by each wallet.
  • Graphs: There are two graphs, 'Holders Over Time' and 'Average Balance Over Time,' viewable on a one-day or one-hour scale.
  • Top holders: This table displays the wallets with the most tokens, the number of tokens they hold, and the percentage of total supply they possess. It also indicates how their balance has changed over the past 6 hours, one day, three days, and seven days.

Creating a wallet group from the top holders of a collection

You can create a wallet group of the top holders of a collection by clicking the create group above the top holders list. You can then create automations on this wallet groups like copy trading or custom alerts. The limit on the number of holders in a group is 50 wallets.
Tip: Use wallet groups made up from the top holders of a collection to track the trading decisions of paid alpha groups without joining them.

Using Holder's Analytics to make trading decisions

The Holder's Analytics page can be a valuable tool for evaluating a collection's distribution and market trends.
  • Unique wallets vs. total supply: A closer ratio between unique wallets and total supply is generally better, indicating a wide distribution of the collection.
  • Single-item holders: A higher percentage suggests a higher holder ratio, which can be favorable. This is because holders with just one item are less likely to sell, whether the price goes up or down.
  • Holders over time: Ideally, this should increase as frequently and significantly as possible, as it directly relates to unique wallets.
  • Average balance over time: This number should decrease over time, moving toward an average balance of one per wallet, indicating a high holder ratio.
  • Top holders: Observing the buying and selling patterns of 'whale' wallets (those holding a significant portion of the collection) can give an indication of the collection's market sentiment. For instance, a lot of selling (indicated by red numbers) might suggest it's not the best time to buy, while a lot of buying (green numbers) could suggest the opposite.
Remember, these metrics are indicators and not definitive measures of a collection's success or future performance. They should be used as part of a broader strategy for making informed decisions about NFT investments.