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Token Window

The token window appears whenever you click on an NFT on compass. It shows the general info, details, traits, holder, transaction history, etc. of an NFT. The modal lets you purchase the NFT.

What's on the token window?

  • Token name and ID
  • External links to marketplaces and Etherscan
  • Rarity rank. See how we calculate rarities here.
Tip: Hover over the collection name to see the collection floor.
Tip: Hover over the Owner to see the portfolio value.


The traits grid shows all the traits of an NFT along with relevant info.
  • Rarity Percentage shows what percentage of the total supply has the trait. Hover over this to see the number of tokens with the trait. The rarest trait of the NFT is highlighted with orange.
  • Floor shows the cheapest listing for this trait currently. The trait with the highest listed floor has it highlighted with green.
Tip: If the same trait has both the orange and the green highlight, that means the trait is likely valuable and merits further investigation.


The activity history shows the full history of a token including Bids, Listings, Sales, Transfers and Mint. Just like all other activity tables on Compass, this one supports multiple filters with and/or logic.

Activity Chart

The Activity Chart shows all activity data of the token visually on a scatterplot. You can click on the activity types to hide/show them. Hover over dots to see more info about the activity.
Tip: Click and drag to zoom in on the Activity Chart.
Tip: Use the activity chart to see whether the owner is gradually decreasing the listing price of a token and get it at a lower price.
Tip: The activity chart visualizes bidding wars on valuable tokens.
Tip: To save time when looking up tokens, you can directly enter a token into the main search bar on the top of the page, e.g. Doodles 4121.

Pending Transactions

Here you can see purchase transactions that are just getting executed for the token. Useful when you want to outgas multiple wallets or are trying to scoop up an underpriced listing.


Here you can find the raw metadata for the token, containing all trait data.