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Collection Activity

The Collection Activity tab provides an overview of all Bidding, Listing, Minting, Purchase, and Transfer activities within a specific collection. This comprehensive display allows users to analyze the trading history of a collection in detail and identify specific trends or patterns.
Good to Know: Collections with a high volume of activity, particularly those subject to automated bidding and listing, may experience slower load times due to numerous rows of data. If the activity rows are not loading, click 'Filters', select the 'Transaction Type' filter, and disable 'Bids' and 'Listings'.
Unique to Compass: The Collection Activity tab offers both powerful filtering capabilities and the full history of all activity types. This allows you to examine a collection's trading history for highly specific scenarios.
In the case of bids, you can differentiate collection, trait, and token bids:
  • Collection bids show the collection name in the 'Item' column.
  • Trait bids display a trait in the 'Item' column.
  • Token bids present a token with the #tokenID in the 'Token' column.
For bids, listings, and sales, you can view the difference between the bid, listing, or sale price and the collection floor at the time of the transaction.
Tip: Filtering for a specific token ID allows you to track the history of a token within the collection, including how bids for the token increased, who purchased it, any transfers between wallets (if looking at a wallet group), listings and re-listings at lower prices, and final sales.
Tip: Adding both 'Trait' and 'Type: Sales only' filters lets you see how much above floor a particular trait sells for typically.