The wallet flip history provides a rundown of all the NFT trades a wallet made where the token has already been sold.

Filtering Flips

You can filter flips by a wide range of criteria. Some filters, like 'Collection', persist when you switch between other tabs like 'Overview' or 'Activity'. You can add multiple filters with 'and/or' logic. See more under 'Filters'.

The purchase/sale type is indicated by the 'Offer/Listing' and 'Airdrop' labels in the 'Cost' and 'Sold for' columns.

  • 'Offer' means that the transaction was an accepted bid.

  • 'Listing' means the token was a listing on a marketplace that was filled.

  • 'Airdrop' means the token was transferred to the wallet for free.

Tip: Hover over a token to see its floor price and to filter for its collection only.

Tip: Hover over the net profit to see a revenue/cost breakdown as well as the USD value of the profit/loss.

Tip: Click on the 'Offer/Listing' labels to see the Activity for that token only. This is useful if you want to see who the buyer was, the marketplace, whether the token was sold above the floor, how many times it had to be re-listed lower to sell, and more.

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