๐Ÿš€Getting Started with Automations

Follow these steps to start with Compass Automations:

  1. Create a wallet: Navigate to Automations > Wallets and create a new wallet.

  2. Deposit tokens: Click on Deposit under the newly created wallet, and deposit ETH, WETH, and Blur pool tokens based on what you wish to automate. You also have the option to export the private key of the wallet and perform swaps directly from Metamask by clicking the three dots next to the wallet.

  3. Run an automation: Visit the Explore page and run a pre-made Automation. For instance, you could run the Trait Bidder to bid on traits or the Opensea Lister to keep your NFT listed on the floor.

  4. Understand the inputs: Make sure to read the instructions on what the inputs for each Automation do. Most inputs will have recommended values already set as default.

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