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Guide to the Trending Tab in Compass
Compass Trending Page Tutorial
Compass' Trending tab provides insights into the most popular NFT projects within a specified time period. It's designed to help users get up to speed on what NFT collections are hot right now.

Viewing Project Information

The Trending tab provides a wealth of information about each project:
  • Mint date: The date the token was minted.
  • Token amount: The quantity of tokens available for the project.
Tip: You can favorite any project to add it to your Watchlist tab, helping you keep track of projects you're interested in.
By hovering over a collection name and clicking on the three dots, you can access additional relevant links such as:
  • OpenSea
  • LooksRare
  • Genie
  • EtherScan
  • The project's website (if available)

Understanding and Using Floor Price

Floor price is a critical piece of information displayed on the Trending tab. This price is the lowest entry price for any project, which can be very helpful when evaluating potential investments.
Note: You can sort the columns in ascending or descending order by using the arrow at the top of each column.

Examining Volume Chart

To the far right of the Trending tab, you'll find the volume chart. This graph shows the sales for each project every three minutes, offering a real-time look at project performance.

Changes from Last period

Each column in the Trending tab also displays the change from the last period. This can provide valuable insight into how the NFT market is shifting.

Customizing Your View

To better suit your needs, the Trending tab can be customized by clicking the gear button
in the top right corner. Here, you can toggle on or off any option.
Tip: Many users prefer to move the floor price to the front for better visibility of their potential entry price for any project.

Checking Gas and ETH Price Information

In the bottom left corner of the Trending tab, you can view relevant information such as the current gas price, gas presets, and the ETH price.
You also have the Profit Calculator
that calculates a selling/buying price if you want to break even on a flip after gas costs and fees.
That's a quick overview of the Compass Trending tab! Use this tool to stay on top of the NFT market and make well-informed investment decisions. Thanks for reading.
Last modified 5mo ago